About Us

Our story

Three generations of service to farmers and cheesemakers

The story of Taroni is a family story. The tale officially begins in 1946, but which has its deepest roots in 1931, when Grandfather Aldo began working as a sharecropper farmer and then became a cheese maker in 1938.

With his milk van and his home cellar as a company warehouse, Aldo in 1946 began distributing the few equipment available at the time to the local dairies.

Thirteen years later, in 1959, his son Gian Carlo also joined the company, giving great impetus to an already very lively business expanding the range of products and services offered.

The latest generation of the Taroni family, Stefano and Roberto, joined the company in 1996 and 2001 respectively.

Talking about the Taroni family is like talking about the history of farmers and cheesemakers, milk and cheese: a world of real people and traditions, of hard work, commitment, sacrifice, and human relationships. But also of knowledge and expertise, innovation, new ways of working and selling, of new markets to serve. All this without ever ignoring some essential values for us: absolute respect for our customers and their work.

Taroni Store today
Over 3000 products to improve the work of cheese producers and sellers

Since 2018, Taroni Store has a new headquarters: a full 4,000 square metres of warehouse and 300 square metres of offices for about 3,300 articles, 6 company vehicles and a wonderful team of 14 people

These are numbers that show the value of the great work carried out by the Taroni family over the last seventy years: they have become a true point of reference for articles and equipment for dairy farmers, cheesemakers, and cheese retailers.

Our company takes care of everything related to dairy products: from the moment the milk enters the dairy until the end customer buys the cheese in the shop or receives it at home with a home delivery service.

We offer all the necessary items and equipment:
– for cheese production and maturing;
– for portioning and packaging;
– for in-store sales and home delivery;
– for the promotion and advertising of your activity and products.

We have been a dealer for Caglio Bellucci since 1958. Since 2009 we have been the official distributor of Parmigiano Reggiano branded products, and in 2017 we added Asiago branded products to our line-up.

But our mission is not only to sell products. Our aim is first and foremost to help our customers to do their job as best they can, whether that means working in the dairy, serving the customer at the point of sale, or shipping products purchased through e-commerce.

We do all this by providing a very wide range of innovative, certified, high quality products designed to meet any specific need.